MEET OUR MEMBERS – New Horizons Orchestra

Susan Anderson - cello


Doris Ayres, cello


Natalie Bontumasi, cello


Arnie Cohen, violin


Behty Harrison,  violin


John Hobbs, violin


Abby Hoppes, violin


Sage Kim, violin


Michael Lisec, violin

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Michael is an architect with a practice in Chicago. However, music has also always been an important part of his life, starting with piano lessons as a kid. In high school he played jazz guitar with his own trio. After a hiatus during busy college and career years, when the focus was on his growing family's music lessons, Michael did some experimenting with his own instrumentation. He revisited the piano, guitar and the several other instruments. Finally settling on violin, he has been taking classical violin lessons and ultimately, with much enjoyment, playing second violin with the CMD New Horizons string ensemble. For something completely different, Michael also plays Irish traditional music on the anglo concertina at various sessions in the Chicago area.

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Eva Nicholson, violin


Alex Perez-Tenessa, violin


Margaret Renas, violin


Michele Smith, cello


Wendy Stock, violin

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Wendy Stock is a physician at the University of Chicago. After taking along hiatus from playing the violin during her medical training, she was happy to bring out her violin, playing the Suzuki melodies with her daughter who began lessons at DePaul at the age of four. She was delighted to join the New Horizons Orchestra during its inaugural year and has truly enjoyed the camaraderie of playing with the group as it grows, improves and expands it repertoire.

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Diane Sutliff, violin


Kenneth Walker, cello