1. Are there any age requirements to join one of the New Horizons Ensembles?

No, all of the New Horizons Ensembles are open to adults of any age interested in making music. Current members range from college-age all the way up to retirees.

2. What if I haven't picked up my instrument for a long time?

That's very common. Many New Horizons members are coming back to playing after long absences and have interesting stories to tell. The Community Music Division also offers individual instruction on band and orchestra instruments.

3. What if I've never played an instrument before?

No problem. Depending on availability, a Beginner Band is offered for people who have never played an instrument and cannot read music. If the Beginner Band is not being offered, individual lessons can be arranged through the Community Music Division. In either case, the goal is to join the New Horizons Ensemble of your choice as soon as you feel comfortable.

4. What kinds of music do you play?

The band, string orchestra and flute ensembles primarily perform classical, folk, and popular music. Seasonal concerts and additional performance opportunities also add to the diversity of the repertoire.

5. Is it difficult to get to rehearsals at DePaul?

No, DePaul is readily accessible by public transportation. The Fullerton El (Red, Brown, and Purple lines) is conveniently located less than a block away from campus and the #8 (Halsted) and #74 (Fullerton) busses stop right at DePaul.

6. How do I join?

See our Join Us page for details.